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Emile Hirsch Fans at LiveJournal
Emile Hirsch, an American actor, was born in Topanga Canyon, California on March 13, 1985. He started acting at a young age and is still going strong.

You are likely to recognize him from such fantastic films as..
Gargantua [imdb]
The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys [imdb & wiki]
The Emperor's Club [web, imdb & wiki]
The Girl Next Door [imdb & wiki]
The Mudge Boy [imdb & wiki]
Imaginary Heroes [web, imdb & wiki]
Lords of Dogtown [web, imdb & wiki]
Alpha Dog [web, imdb & wiki]
Into The Wild [web, imdb & wiki]
The Air I Breathe (upcoming!) [web, imdb & wiki]
Speed Racer (upcoming!) [imdb & wiki]

Community Rules
1. No rating community promotions in here. Those are annoying. Please keep all community advertisements Emile related. This means you can post about another Emile message board, just not anything UNRELATED to Emile.
2. If you're a new member, feel free to make an introduction post. I just ask that if you're going to make it longer than a paragraph, please use an lj-cut.
3. No rude comments, please! There's no need to comment if you've only got something negative to say. :) Also, if you're commenting anonymously, it will be screened. Anything rude or just plain stupid will not be posted.
4. It's fine to post picspam. Actually, it's encouraged! Again, the only thing I ask is that you use an lj-cut.

Please direct all questions, concerns, or comments to the maintainer, Manda (rootless_tree). I'm happy to answer any question, as long as it has to do with Emile! :)

Links & Affiliates
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An Into The Wild community here at LJ
Emile @ imdb
Emile @ wikipedia
I Can Hardly Breathe
An EXCELLENT Emile fansite, but unfortunately, it hasn't been updated since 2005.
Rachel's Emile fansite
A really great Emile fansite that's updated regularly and has an active forum.

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